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Liferay is a complete all-in-one open source enterprise portal solution that is used in more than 100,000 deployments worldwide. Liferay customers and users include Benetton, Lufthansa Flight Training, World Vision, and more. These organizations and many others like it use Liferay every day to create web-based solutions for enterprise needs, including:


Use Liferay Web Content Manager to create websites quickly with minimal effort and cost.

  • Creating content, layouts, and custom branding is easy 
  • Workflow, dynamic navigation, and live edits help you update efficiently 
  • Liferay Portal is optimized for search engine rankings 
  • Liferay is used by Benetton, HanseMerkur, Lufthansa Flight Training, and more

Help your people stay productive in the office and on the go. Liferay is a great solution for intranets, team workspaces, and collaboration sites.

  • Provide one central meeting place for all your people, no matter where they are 
  • Leverage built-in blogs, wikis, message boards, mail, and shared calendars 
  • Share information with dynamic tagging

Need an end-user solution? Try Liferay Social Office and avoid getting locked in to Microsoft® Sharepoint. 


Don't spend $125,000 / CPU on an Oracle® closed source solution! Get the real benefits of SOA with Liferay Portal, the open source leader, with no license costs.

  • Speed up development with built-in developer tools, LDAP, web services, and Spring-based architecture 
  • Liferay is standards-compliant to reduce risk and increase re-usability 
  • Liferay's Message Bus makes it easy to re-use common services like user management, mail, and messaging
  • Liferay supports mashup development with support for widgets, Facebook® integration, iGoogle® support, and GoogleMaps® 
  • Liferay Portal is used by Novell®, Discovery® Education, and Borland® Software

This is a demo site that highlights some features of Liferay 5.2

The current page is the default page each user first sees when he gets to your portal. By default, unauthenticated users are Guest users, so they are redirected to the guest community: lhdigital.cat/web/guest/

You can create any number of organizations or communities within the portal which will have their own public and private pages. One organization called 7cogs has already been created.

What is new in Liferay 5.2?

How can I upgrade to Liferay 5.2?

Current Users Current Users

Bruno (Admin)

The admin has full control over the entire portal, allowing modification and creation of users, communitities, and roles. View bruno's public page

Richard Publisher

Richard has article submission rights for the content management system. View richard's public page

Michelle Editor

Michelle has control over the staging and layout of all articles as well as publishing rights for workflow and the content management system. View michelle's public page

John Regular User

John is a user with minimum rights within the portal.